Kartick, a civil engineering graduate from BUET started working in construction industry back in 1990. Kartick has been involved in the design, construction and delivery of many prestigious buildings across a number of sectors including textiles, Garments, Chemicals, heavy and light engineering and Sports. This balanced understanding of every aspect of a building allows Kartick to design iconic structures that meet both stringent regulations and any number of specialist requirements. He has been heavily involved in both the conceptual design and delivery of many iconic buildings and his expertise covers construction management, pre-construction engineering, and construction audit. He leads a team of 100 professionals engaged in the construction engineering and management.

Kartick’s approach to the construction of buildings and other structures is very ‘hands on’, clients appreciate his insight and passion for delivering innovative structural solutions and exceptional leadership skills. He believes that building engineering should be a people focused, technically driven community that mixes communication, a clear understanding of building physics and creative thinking together to provide high levels of excellence.

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Khaled, an electrical engineering graduate from BUET, brings considerable international business experience at 4K through his executive career with Siemens, Nokia Siemens Networks and Banglalion where he held progressively senior leadership roles in technology management, finance, operations and general management.

Over a 20 year career Khaled’s willingness to involve himself and collaborate during each project phase from conceptual design to execution has continually aided his teams in achieving the highest levels of sustainability through consistently innovative solutions tailored to each project’s unique challenges. Khaled’s passion for taking a multidisciplinary approach to work, believing in the value that can be obtained through the collaboration and interaction between individual skills and disciplines has proved popular with clients, who realize the many benefits this brings to their projects. Fundamental to his success is his grasp of cross-disciplinary skills. He understands the value of applying a breadth of knowledge to a challenge in order to find its most ideal solution

Khaled having a degree in MBA from IBA, Dhaka University is Adjunct faculty in MBA Program at BRAC University and University of Liberal Arts.

A particular interest is the use of internet in nation building has led to Khaled becoming President of Center for Internet and Society in Bangladesh.

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