Energy Consulting

Our energy sector is in the midst of transformational change. We are embracing new technologies, driving our growth and demand for efficient power solution promise to reshape not only the energy we use, but also how we use it. We help clients to deploy and integrate traditional and renewable energy, energy management to address consumer, and industrial, commercial and regulatory demand. We are focused on solving the electric power industry's most pressing challenges - driving the evolution of electric power systems with greater affordability, reliability, and efficiency.

In the midst of these changes, energy industry players are looking for ways to strengthen their enterprises to increase performance, opportunity, and growth. To help clients across the energy spectrum achieve these goals, our experts deliver an extensive understanding of regulatory processes, pricing, supply-and-demand dynamics, market design, fuel sourcing, financing, technologies and operations.

Our energy consulting services are designed to benefit owners, manufacturers, regulators, and investors as we help them minimize risk and optimize performance in this critical, complex, and ever-evolving industry.

4K Team designed complete solution to set up 40 MW solar based power station at Valuka on BOO basis with partnership of a Chinese Investor.

4K team designed and implemented few large 4-10 MVA 33/11 kV Substation and 11 kV/440 V Sub Station for Industrial and Commercial entities. 

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