Cellular Networks

4K Engineering team got competencies in following:

• Identification of sites
• Radio Network Planning, Capacity Planning, Transmission Planning
• Planning of frequencies and evaluation of interference levels.
• Installation & Commissioning of BTS, MW
• Installation & Commissioning of Power and Site control elements.
• Maintenance Support of Network Elements.

• Installation and Commissioning of In Building Solutions

• Asset documentation


GSM/Transmission Network Planning:

Network planning activities involves:

ü  Recommendations on technical parameters, Link budget, Propagation model,

ü  Antenna types etc.

ü  Capacity planning.

ü  Propagation modeling.

ü  Nominal Cell Plan

o  Preliminary Bill of Quantities

o  Preliminary Transmission Planning.

o  Documentation.

ü  Radio Network Survey/ Preliminary Site search.

ü  Transmission Planning and LOS survey.

ü  Frequency Planning.

ü  Transmission Capacity Planning.

ü  Final Network Plan & Documentation.

ü  Program Management.


Network Optimization:

Cell planning, Frequency planning, Coverage/ interference prediction, Co-Channel interference prediction and optimization constitutes RF planning, study and analysis of BSS parameters, timers and performance statistics is required before finally deciding the course of action. Optimization includes analyzing issues like undesirable handover sequences, unbalanced paging, location update, neighbor optimization, signaling loads and island effects. This includes:


ü  Propagation modeling to ensure accurate reproduction of network performance on RF planning tool.

ü  Measurement of design vs. actual performance of the network.

ü  Setting the network optimization goals.

ü  Frequency planning.

ü  Support on technical issues relating to spectrum allocation.

ü  Network optimization

o  Coverage Optimization.

o  Database parameters/ Timers tuning

o  Frequency planning

o  Neighbor list/ BSIC plan

o  GOS improvement (Call success rate)

o  Call drop rate reduction

o  Handover success rate improvement (Handover tuning)

o  System growth/ Expansion planning


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